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Langes Rack Marina

Langes Rack Marina
The ‘Langes Rack’ Marina is also run by the Wilster Sailing Club and operates without regard to the tides. Visitors are welcome to use the boat slips marked in green (there are almost always two or three slips free). Power and water hookups at the dock. High-voltage power lines along the way into the Stör limit mast height. Boats up to 18 m long can dock in the marina at the outer docks. Docking in the tidal waters on the inside of the dock should be left up to experienced skippers. The marina has bathrooms (without showers). A grill area with shelter is available on-site. There is shopping 5 km away in Wilster.

Excursion destinations
Today, the Palais Doos (Doos Palace) is home to the Wilster Public Library. The historic hall of mirrors in the ‘New City Hall’ is definitely worth a visit, but can only be viewed upon request and is usually only open to groups doing a tour of the town. You can also take a refreshing dip in the Elbe at the Brokdorf Beach, which is especially nice at high tide. Slipping into the cool waters of the lavishly appointed Brokdorf Leisure Pool is also an attractive option.
Wilstermarsch is the perfect place for a bike ride. Route suggestions can be downloaded at You can visit the outside of Wilster’s landmark Schöpfmühle Honigfleth windmill, and tours are available with an appointment.