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Hemmoor Boat Dock / Schwarzenhütten

Hemmoor Boat Dock / Schwarzenhütten
At the former industrial harbour of Schwarzenhütten in Hemmor, the Oste Hemmoor Sailing Club (SVOH) runs a yacht marina. The dock is 80 m long and offers space for 8 boats. Guests are welcome. Please contact the harbourmaster for a docking space and to pay the docking fee (phone 04771-4631 or 0170-2431546). The harbour is equipped similarly to the facility in Geversdorf, which is also run by the SVOH. Toilets, showers, and hookups for water and power are available. Two bicycles are available to borrow free of charge. There is shopping about 1 km away in

Excursion destinations
Right before Osten, Deichhotel Seefahrer is an excellent place for a culinary stop and even has its own docking area. In Osten, the wealth of historic buildings and the Café Central serve as reminders of the heyday of the old centre of trade, which makes a city tour quite enticing.
Visitors should be sure to visit the 38 m transporter bridge built in 1909 connecting Osten with Hemmoor. Visitors can take the transporter bridge to Hemmoor. Right on the ferry street is an informational mile with info on the world’s transporter bridges, only eight of which have been preserved to this day. Experience the history of what was once the largest industrial company in the northern Elbe-Weser Triangle at the Cement Museum in Hemmoor. Vivid exhibits set up on a barge demonstrate how ‘Grey Gold’ was made, from production to shipping.
Anyone wanting to ‘take a plunge’ should visit the dive base of the Hemmoor Kreidesee.
Behind Osten/Hemmoor are the Großenwörden Docks, the perfect stop for a picnic on land. Additional information: