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Steinkirchen Floating Dock Facility

Steinkirchen Floating Dock Facility
Anyone wanting to dock in Steinkirchen is going to have to pass the Lühe lock gate on the Elbe.
The lock gate’s drawbridge is always closed and can be opened for passing ships. From 15 April to 30 September, the attendant is on duty from three hours before high tide until three hours after high tide, but only between 9 am and 8 pm. At any other time, it can be opened upon request after a phone call is made (phone 0170-4920272). Further along the Lühe are the old lock gate (now a road bridge) and the ‘Hogendiekbrücke’ Bridge in the middle of Steinkirchen. The clearance depends on the tides, being 2.50 m at high tide and 4 m at half-tide. At kilometre 4 along the river is a new, 98-metre-long lock gate system operated by the Steinkirchen Harbour Association (HGS). Guest slips are marked with a green sign. Guests docking at the harbour can obtain a key to the pedestrian bridge. Power and water hookups are available. No bathroom facilities. Shopping and restaurants are located within walking distance in Steinkirchen. Contact HGS:

Excursion destinations
Take the opportunity to stroll through the old village centre of Steinkirchen and around the market – if the opportunity arises, have a tour guide explain the peculiarities of the splendid houses. The Baroque aisleless church St Martini et Nicolai is home to a very special treasure: An Arp Schnitger organ. A stroll to the Hogendiekbrücke Bridge (a Dutch-style drawbridge) is an absolute must for visitors to Steinkirchen. You can find the schedule for tours given by tour guides in traditional Alt Land dress at the tourist information centre.