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Floating Docks Beidenfleth

Floating Docks Beidenfleth
Located 11 km behind the Stör lock is the floating dock harbour of the Beidenfleth Sailing Club. Boats can dock lengthwise along the extensive floating docks. Guests are welcome to dock their boats. There are bathroom facilities. Power and water hookups at the harbour. Shops for purchasing supplies near the harbour.

Excursion destinations
One of the last of its kind, the motorised cable ferry ‘Else’ connects the two banks of the Stör. It is the only way to cross the Stör between the 12 km drawbridge upstream in Heiligenstedten and the Stör lock located 10 km downstream in Wewelsfleth. The ‘Hoffnung’ windmill and St Nicolai Church are two unmistakable landmarks of Beidenfleth.