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Harbour of the Stade Motor Boat and Yacht Club

Harbour of the Stade Motor Boat and Yacht Club
The harbour of the MYC Stade is located on the right bank of the Schwinge toward the railway bridge. It is not possible to approach the harbour during low tide. Easterly winds can sometimes reduce the water level considerably. Smaller boats can easily moor in the lower harbour. It is recommended that ships over 10 m dock in the upper harbour. There are sufficient slips for guests in both harbours. There are power and water hookups on the docks. Modern bathroom facilities with showers are available. The grilling station in front of the clubhouse can be used, and there is also a football field and playground for children. The harbourmaster or a representative is generally on-site in the afternoons.

Excursion destinations
The Hanseatic City of Stade, its picturesque historic city centre, and the oldest harbour on the Lower Elbe – the Hanseatic Harbour of Stade – are all worth a visit. With its exhibits on the city’s history, including prehistory, early history, and the Hanseatic Period, as well as its harbour-related artefacts and changing exhibitions, the museum in the Schwedenspeicher (Swedish Warehouse) is located right on the old Hanseatic Harbour of Stade.
The municipal harbour is home to the historic coastal motor ship GREUNDIEK, which offers guests rides as a cultural ship and an ambassador for the maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe.
Even the harbour crane in the municipal harbour is open to the public. Guests can scale the maritime monument upon request.
City tours, canal boat tours, city festivals, boat tours, and rides on historic ships or the Tidenkieker ( are just a few of the many attractions that draw visitors to the city. General and event information at