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Hetlinger Schanze Yacht Marina

Hetlinger Schanze Yacht Marina
Floating dock facility of the Hetlingen Yacht Club surrounded by sandy beaches (no swimming allowed). This little marina has a narrow entrance. Since large ships tend to leave behind a powerful wake, small breakers can tend to run through the marina at low tide. The nearest dining establishment is in Hetlingen (3 km), with shops and stores located 6 km away in Holm. Guest boat parking upon request. A container with bathroom facilities, old railway car that serves as a clubhouse, a grilling area, and a children’s playground are available at the marina. Slip track can be used upon request. By land it is only possible to reach the marina on foot or with a bicycle. Those travelling in a car can get as close as 800 m to the club premises.

Excursion destinations
Haseldorf Palace Park, with its ponds and ancient trees is freely accessible. Across from the Palace Park is the Elbmarschenhaus (Elbe Marsh House). Its exhibitions and the large interactive outdoor park offer playful insights into the natural and cultural landscapes of the marshes. Here guests can get tips for excursions in the area.
Elbe Marsh House’s fruit garden borders directly on the Haseldorf Marina. Approximately 180 different old fruit species are cultivated here. The fruit garden is freely accessible, and the Elbe Marsh House offers guided tours. In the historic cooper village from 1764, craftsmen present the old craft of the cooper, who made barrel hoops out of wood harvested from the meadows. Appointments can be set up at the Elbe Marsh House upon request. The Snake’s Head Flower Festival in April is a highlight of the Hetlinger community events. Every year, the snake’s heads bloom and attract up to 5,000 nature lovers to Hetlingen. On top of all the glorious blossoms, there is also additional information on the beautiful blossoms, entertainment, food, and drink. Additional tips and scheduling: