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Schulau Yacht Marina

Schulau Yacht Marina The Schulau Marina first came into operation in 2016. Following extensive renovations, skippers are now greeted with a marina...
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Wewelsfleth Marina

Wewelsfleth Marina Wewelsfleth Marina offers sufficient space at its swimming docks for guests to dock their boats. The shipyard offers resources for...
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Stade Municipal Harbour

Stade Municipal Harbour The Stade Municipal Harbour located right at the gates of the historic city centre is fully equipped with a...
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Uetersen Stichhafen

Uetersen Stichhafen Also run by the Uetersen Water Sports Club, the Stichhafen is located at the heart of Uetersen (maximum 1.6 m...
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SV Cuxhaven Marina

SV Cuxhaven Marina The marina operated by the Cuxhaven Sailing Club is located behind the previous RoRo Pier and offers about 150...
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Harburg Marina

Harburg Marina Call VHF Channel 13 or phone number 040-428471351 to have the Harburg lock opened (operates 24 hours a day). A...
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Neuhaus Marina

Neuhaus Marina The peaceful Neuhaus Marina run by the Nehaus/Oste Sailing Club has 30 guest slips and can be approached regardless of...
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