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Krückau Estuary Docking Harbour

Krückau Estuary Docking Harbour
The docking harbour of the W.Y.K. Elmshorn is located in the Krückau Estuary. It has floating docks with stern posts, so the ships won’t wash up on dry land. Guests are welcomed with open arms. The area is perfect for extended bike tours, and the club loans out bicycles free of charge. There is a playground and grill station. Bathroom facilities, showers, and a hygiene room are available in the clubhouse. The premises have one slip with a hoist and two derricks. The lock gates to the harbour are opened approximately two hours before high tide, depending on the tidal conditions. The maximum clearance width for moving through is 5 m. In the summer, a harbour service team monitors the opening of the gates over the weekend. A waiting dock connected by land to the lock is located on the starboard side.

Excursion destinations
If you follow the Krückau out, you will come upon the only manually operated ferry in Schleswig-Holstein, the Wriggfähre. Kronsnest The little ‘Spökenkieker’ museum next to the ferry’s launch site houses changing exhibitions. Anyone with a bicycle at their disposal should be sure to visit Seestermühe. The little village tucked behind the dykes of the Elbe and Krückau offers a backdrop unlike anywhere else in the marshes. The many old thatched-roof cottages, the Seestermühe Manor, the village museum, and the beautiful gardens are all worth a visit. Village tours can be booked through the Elbmarschenhaus (Elbe Marsh House).
Further down the Elbe, Kollmar beckons. The Kollmar Harbour awaits with a picturesque ensemble of steamer bridges and a wealth of thatched-roof houses. You will notice that the wooden sea buoys (1699) look like oversized sugarloaves when you visit them. The ‘Dörpstuuv’ in Kollmar is home to the permanent exhibition ‘Storm Surges and Coastal Protection’.