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Geversdorf Boat Dock

Geversdorf Boat Dock
The dock run by the Seglervereinigung Oste Hemmoor e.V. Is located behind a drawbridge (pass-through width of 22 m, pass-through height for closed bridge 3.8 m at medium high tide) that is opened on the hour or at half past, upon request (VHF Channel 6 or phone 04752-7121). With its 28 slips, the facility is located parallel to the Ostestrom and can be approached without a problem. It is possible to dock on either side of the 180 m long floating dock, regardless of the tide. Guest slips are marked with green signs. The docking fee can be paid by making a deposit in the payment box at the dock or submitting payment to the harbourmaster. Water and power at the dock. Shower and toilets (key available from the harbourmaster, phone 04752-630) as well as a grill station and waste disposal are available. The Oste kiosk in town offers essentials.

Excursion destinations
Geversdorf is one of the oldest marsh communities in the region. Here, the Oste flows through the middle of town and is 108 m wide. A lift bridge connects the community sections of Geversdorf and Itzwörden, thus leading from Cuxland to the Kehdingen region. The Oste Dyke is a perfect place to take a stroll, and the German ferry route is great for bicycle tours.
In town, the city building constructed in 1883 and its regional museum, the only one of its kind in the region, are worth a visit,
Be sure to take a trip toward Wingst, where you’ll find the  ‘Deutscher Olymp’ (23 m high) lookout tower, the oldest destination in Wingst. It offers a fantastic view over the Elbe to Brunsbüttel and even the North Sea. Nearby, you will find the zoo and recreational park.