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Glückstadt Inner Harbour

Glückstadt Inner Harbour
Also operated by the Glückstadt Sailing Club, the inner harbour runs summer operations and can be reached from the outer harbour by passing through a lock gate after calling ahead one day in advance. This is opened 2.5 to 2 hours before high tide for about 2 hours, depending on water levels. Expected hours of operation for the lock gate are posted in the announcement box on the lock gate building. Heavy winds may limit the hours of operation. The inner harbour is close to the city centre and offers calm boat slips. The SVG boxes on the north side below the old mill and the boat slips in the back part of the harbour’s south side can be utilised. Glückstadt Yacht Shipyard operates the south-western side of the harbour. There is sufficient depth throughout the harbour, but it is only possible to approach every 12 hours. Power and water hookups are available in the boxes on the north side as well as on the south side. There is a derrick (rated for loads up to 500 kg) directly east of the lock on the north side of the inner harbour. At the head of the harbour, Bistro & Café Nettchen offers its guests fresh, local products – with Glückstädt pickled herring taking pride of place – and a beautiful view of the harbour.

Excursion destinations
The historic district of Glückstadt is definitely worth touring. Christian IV of Denmark had the city designed in the Renaissance style from the get-go. At the centre of the star-shaped layout is the marketplace paved in cobblestones.
The Brockdorff-Palais (Brockdorff Palace) built in 1631/1632 now houses a museum. Am Hafen Street is now home to numerous historic buildings such as the old salt storage building, the royal bridgehouse, and the Wiebeke Kruse Tower that Christian IV built for his beloved. The Provianthaus from 1705 (Am Proviantgraben 1) now serves as an art and cultural centre. www.provianthaus-glü
Glückstadt harbour is a boarding harbour for the ‘Tidenkieker’ boat tour. In this flat-bottomed boat, guests can explore the fascinating tidal landscape of the Lower Elbe.
Riding the ‘RIGMORE von Glückstadt’, the oldest seaworthy sailing boat in Germany, has long ceased to be a secret tip. Anyone wanting to charter this floating historical monument can find the schedule for traditional public rides at
Every year, Glückstädt Herring Week is the unchallenged highlight of the maritime events calendar.