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  • Discover the sport boat estuary area |of the Lower Elbe maritime landscape

    The maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe is the perfect sport boat estuary, featuring plenty of attractive destinations in the Hamburg metropolitan area and reaching from the Hamburg Harbour all the way out to the North Sea. Inwards towards the Elbe, the Lower Elbe and its tributaries are lined with a wealth of marinas and sport boat harbours. From the historic Ewer Harbour in the rural Kehdinger region to Europe’s largest sport boat harbour, the Wedel Marina with its approximately 2,000 slips, every skipper will find the perfect place to drop anchor in the estuary.

    The Skipper Guide features approximately fifty harbours and mooring areas with numerous destinations close to the harbours along the Lower Elbe. With this information, the Skipper Guide offers a wide variety of ideas for exploring the maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe by water as well as by land. You will of course need updated charts in order to navigate on board and make your approach to the various harbours. The Skipper Guide also contains information concerning the facilities at each harbour, dining options, and terrific tips for land excursions. Enchanting historic districts, maritime museums, nature experience stations, and much more are sure to make your time on land memorable before it’s time to set sail for the next port of call.

    Not only that, but the latest edition of the Skipper Guide also features a collection of course offerings in the Lower Elbe region for beginners and active sport boaters.

    Download "Skipper Guide - Sport boat estuary area of the Lower Elbe maritime landscape"
    Download Contact data for the harbours and docking and Course offerings for sports boat navigation
    Download Map Skipperguide
    Download Map Gelbe Welle

    Interactive Skipper Guide Map

    Within the map, click on the area for which you require information.

    Sportboothaefen_englisch Abbenfleth Bremervörde Stade Steinkirchen Grünendeich Jork Buxtehude Finkenwerder Harburg Wilhelmsburg Blankenese Hamburg Wedel Schulau Haseldorf und Hetlingen Uetersen Pinnaumündung Elmshorn Krückaumündung Glückstadt Beidenfleth Borsfleth Itzehoe Wilster Brunsbüttel Neufeld Friedrichskoog Drochtersen Wischhafen Freiburg Neuhaus Geversdorf Oberndorf Hemmoor und Osten Hechthausen Otterndorf Altenbruch Cuxhaven

    Friedrichskoog Harbour
    The former port of Friedrichskoog has been closed since 2015. The previous barrage, which connected it with the Elbe and the North Sea, was converted into a pumping station which is no longer passable for water vehicles. However, the Sportbootclub Friedrichskoog e.V. still operates its emergency landing stage. Coming from the sea, it is located on the starboard side of the old harbour tidal channel directly in front of the pumping station. Guests as well as boat owners of the SBC Friedrichskoog can moor there. Due to tides, shoals, lack of bumps and the already difficult area, the club advises only experienced skippers with boats suitable for tidal flats and correspondingly shallow draught to approach the jetty.
    Further information can be obtained from the Sportbootclub Friedrichskoog in the clubhouse at the old harbour during the opening hours (usually from 11.00 to 12.00 and from 18.00 to 20.00, otherwise as required) under Tel. 04854 1872 or directly from the chairman Björn Feil under Tel. 04854 904430 or 0171 7992267. For further information please visit the homepage of the Sportbootclub Friedrichskoog. https://sbc-friedrichskoog.de/


    Excursion destinations
    On the south side of the harbour, you will find the world’s largest whale, with a large indoor playground in its stomach. ‘Willi the Whale’ is 130 m long and 20 m wide. He offers a wide array of recreational opportunities for children and adults. www.wal-friedrichskoog.de The National Park Centre ‘Schutzstation Wattenmeer’ (Wattenmeer Conservation Station) in Friedrichskoog, which also houses an information centre, can be found at the ‘Südseite Hafen’ (Southside Harbour). www.schutzstation-wattenmeer.de The Seal Centre Friedrichskoog is the only centre in Schleswig-Holstein authorised to accept abandoned, sick, or injured seals. Here, the animals can be monitored in large pools very similar to their natural habitat. It is especially interesting to visit during feeding time. www.seehundstation-friedrichskoog.de The 2.2 km Trischen Dam at the tip of the small peninsula belonging to Friedrichskoog is a very popular vantage point. The swimming beach at the tip of the Friedrichskoog peninsula is monitored by lifeguards and has beach chairs, a designated nude beach section, and a designated dog beach section. Maritime event highlight: Friedrichskoog Crab Market www.friedrichskoog.de


    Neufeld Harbour
    Under normal conditions, the tideway to the harbour can generally be navigated successfully by ships with draughts of 1.50 m starting at half-tide before and after high tide. From the well-marked entry point, a desludged tideway extends over the mudflats and grasslands to the idyllic natural harbour. The harbour, which is operated by the Neufeld Yacht Club, has plenty of guest slips with water and power hookups. A guest grill with tables and seating as well as shower and WC facilities are available. www.neufeld-sbc.de


    Excursion destinations
    The Dutch windmill ‘Immanuel’ along the Püttenweg path in Marner Neuenkoogsdeich. Anyone who can should hop on a bicycle. A network of biking paths marked by clear signage offers a wealth of destinations. Five kilometres away in Marne, you can switch to a pedal-powered cart outfitted with a sail and, when the conditions are right, allow yourself to be swept along to St Michaelisdonn. www.marschenbahn-draisine.de If that sounds a bit too strenuous for you, feel free to relax in the Marne swimming pool. Just a little bit further along, the Kaiser Wilhelm Koog swimming area beckons.


    Brunsbüttel Historic Harbour
    Set amongst the reeds and poplar trees, the natural, tide-dependent yacht marina in the HISTORIC MARINA area is found at the intersection of the Elbe and Kiel Canals. Run by the Brunsbüttel Sailing Club, this marina has undergone comprehensive modernisation and is a great place to stay overnight before or after passing through the Kiel Canal. Under normal weather conditions, it is possible to negotiate the marina between three hours before high tide and two hours after high tide in vessels with draughts of up to 2 m. When there is an easterly wind, the time frame is a bit tighter. The marina offers approximately 95 slips for sailing boats and motorboats in the summer. Guest slips are located in front of the pumping station on the western side of the marina and in spaces marked with green signs. The bathroom facilities are located behind the dyke (to the right of the pumping station at the bottom of the stairs). Water and power hookups are available, and there are waste disposal facilities. The marina master’s offices are on the east bank. There are four bicycles next to the building, which guests can borrow for short trips. Two covered grill grill stations are set up on the eastern side of the marina. There are stores within walking distance where visitors can purchase supplies (approximately 600–800 m away). www.svb-bru.de


    Brunsbüttel Marina
    On the inner banks, behind the lock in the Kiel Canal is the small Brunsbüttel Marina. This marina is a port of transit and offers all of the most important facilities for guests, including bathrooms. A direct power supply is available at the slips on the land side. The town centre of Brunsbüttel, with its extensive selection of shops, is within view. The Brunsbüttel WSA (Waterways and Shipping Office) operates the marina.


    Excursion destinations
    The imposing technical structure of the Brunsbüttel canal lock has long attracted visitors. Located directly at the gates of the canal lock, the ‘Atrium’ lock museum provides visitors with information on the lock system and the Kiel Canal.

    Brunsbüttel tour guides offer lock tours from April until October. www.schleusenmeile-brunsbuettel.de

    The interactive maritime playground near the lock gets both youngsters and those in their ‘Golden Years’ alike in on the action. In the Brunsbüttel town historic district, take advantage of the opportunity to stroll past beautifully restored gabled houses. The Heimatmuseum Brunsbüttel (Brunsbüttel Local History Museum) houses a wealth of exciting exhibition pieces. www.museum-brunsbuettel.de

    The Stadtgalerie im Elbeforum (City Gallery at the Elbe Forum) offers changing exhibitions and cultural events. www.elbeforum.de

    At the Freibad Ulitzhörn outdoor swimming pool, dream boats pass right by the edge of the pool. It will soon be possible to stay the night at the Hüttendorf, which is part of the pool. www.freizeitbad-brunsbuettel.de

    Additional information can be found at www.brunsbuettel.de.


    Kasenort Marina
    The Wilster Sailing Club operates two marinas. Guests are welcome to moor their boats in either one. The first marina is located in Kasenort. This small natural marina, with 15 boat slips (floating docks) right next to the Kasenort lock, tends to dry up. 3 guest boat slips: One guest boat can be moored to the side of the floating dock, while others must moor their boats with at least two lines and one line moored to the opposite bank with an anchoring chain. The ground consists of soft sludge. It is not possible to approach the marina from approximately one hour before to one hour after low tide. Please pay attention to the currents when approaching. Maximum boat length 11 m, maximum draught 1.50 m. Places for shopping 2 km away in Wilster. www.sv-wilster.de


    Langes Rack Marina
    The ‘Langes Rack’ Marina is also run by the Wilster Sailing Club and operates without regard to the tides. Visitors are welcome to use the boat slips marked in green (there are almost always two or three slips free). Power and water hookups at the dock. High-voltage power lines along the way into the Stör limit mast height. Boats up to 18 m long can dock in the marina at the outer docks. Docking in the tidal waters on the inside of the dock should be left up to experienced skippers. The marina has bathrooms (without showers). A grill area with shelter is available on-site. There is shopping 5 km away in Wilster. www.sv-wilster.de


    Excursion destinations
    Today, the Palais Doos (Doos Palace) is home to the Wilster Public Library. The historic hall of mirrors in the ‘New City Hall’ is definitely worth a visit, but can only be viewed upon request and is usually only open to groups doing a tour of the town. You can also take a refreshing dip in the Elbe at the Brokdorf Beach, which is especially nice at high tide. Slipping into the cool waters of the lavishly appointed Brokdorf Leisure Pool is also an attractive option.


    Wilstermarsch is the perfect place for a bike ride. Route suggestions can be downloaded at www.wilstermarsch-service.de. You can visit the outside of Wilster's landmark Schöpfmühle Honigfleth windmill, and tours are available with an appointment. www.foerderverein-bockmuehle.de

    Itzehoe, Störschipperfest

    Heiligenstedten Yach Marina (wet dock marina)
    The association marina of the Itzehoe Sailing Club (SVI) is located on the right bank of the Stör, approximately 400 m behind the drawbridge in Heiligenstedten. Guests are welcome. The marina is the last yacht marina on the Stör accessible with a fully raised mast (maximum mast height: 18 m). The drawbridge in Heiligenstedten will open at the sound signal of 2 long tones or when you make a call to 04821-84325. Since the Stör waterway is highly dependent on the tide, the marina is protected by a dock gate. The dock gate can usually be opened one hour before high tide in Itzehoe and even sooner at high water levels. Boats can be no more than 3.85 m wide. It is possible to tie up at the waiting dock in front of the gate in order to wait for high tide. There are bathroom in the clubhouse, as well as power and water hookups. The SVI marina also includes the two docks on the opposite side of the Stör, where boats are also welcome to dock – one in front of and one behind the Stör drawbridge. These two docks are located in the deepest waters for sail boats. Motor boats can dock further up the Stör in the shallower slips. Plenty of places to obtain supplies in Heiligenstedten: Boat equipment stores, fuelling stations, petrol filling stations, home improvement centres, bakeries, and more are within easy walking distance, with even more stores in Itzehoe (bus connection). www.stoerschipper.de


    Excursion destinations
    Kreismuseum Prinzeßhof (Prinzeßhof Regional Museum) www.kreismuseum-prinzesshof.de: Information on the history and cultural background of the Steinburg region in the 19th and 20th centuries. Wenzel Hablik Museum www.wenzel-hablik.de: Works by Itzehoe artists. The Schwimmzentrum Itzehoe swimming centre is located not far from the city centre in a little forested area. The area surrounding Itzehoe is perfect for bicycle rides and hiking. You can pick up the biking and hiking map ‘Radfahren und Wandern im Kreis Steinburg’ (Bike Rides and Hikes in the Steinburg Region) from the tourist information centre. www.itzehoe.de/tourismus. Additional event tips can be found at www.meinitzehoe.de.

    Borsfleth (Störloch) und Wewelsfleth

    Borsfleth/Störloch Yacht Club
    Behind the Stör Lock (VHF Channel 09/Stör Lock) is the Störloch with Hafen von Borsfleth marina, an idyllically located yacht marina with about 100 boat slips. The marina, which is operated by the Borsfleth Yacht Club, is accessible at both high and low tides. The water depth differs with the tide: 1.80 m to 4.80 m. Power and water hookups as well as bathrooms are available. Borsfleth is about a thirty-minute walk away and has shops where you can stock up on supplies. Bicycles can be borrowed from the harbourmaster. www.ssv-borsfleth.de


    Wewelsfleth Marina
    Wewelsfleth Marina offers sufficient space at its swimming docks for guests to dock their boats. The shipyard offers resources for ship repair and there is also a large crane. Bathrooms are available, as is petrol service. Power and water hookups are available at the marina and directly at some of the boat slips. There are also places to purchase supplies near the marina. The marina is operated by the Municipality of Wewelsfleth in collaboration with the Wewelsfleth Yacht Club. Contact (phone): Harbourmaster 0171-3483531, or Municipality of Wewelsfleth 04823-948222.


    Excursion destinations
    Be sure to take full advantage of the marina bicycles in Borsfleth. Discover the little villages nearby and their historic charm. A host of restored half-timbered houses are considered cultural monuments and also make for breathtaking photo motifs. You can even visit the Stör lock near Wewelsfleth by making an appointment (04124-97044).


    Floating Docks Beidenfleth
    Located 11 km behind the Stör lock is the floating dock harbour of the Beidenfleth Sailing Club. Boats can dock lengthwise along the extensive floating docks. Guests are welcome to dock their boats. There are bathroom facilities. Power and water hookups at the harbour. Shops for purchasing supplies near the harbour. www.bsv-beidenfleth.de


    Excursion destinations
    One of the last of its kind, the motorised cable ferry ‘Else’ connects the two banks of the Stör. www.stoerfaehre-else.de It is the only way to cross the Stör between the 12 km drawbridge upstream in Heiligenstedten and the Stör lock located 10 km downstream in Wewelsfleth. The ‘Hoffnung’ windmill and St Nicolai Church are two unmistakable landmarks of Beidenfleth.

    Oberfeuer Glückstadt

    Glückstadt Outer Harbour
    The harbour is generally not dependent on the tides. It can be navigated at any water level and under any weather conditions. Boat slips are available at the Glückstadt Sailing Club floating docks (with power and water) as well as along the opposite waiting dock north of the lock entrance. The floating docks are suitable for yachts up to 13 m in length, while larger ships must dock at the long floating dock north of the lock entrance (waiting dock). From time to time there may be strong currents toward the north west, since the Rhin drains out at the facility’s location through sluices and pumps. A yellow flashing light above the outlets turns on when it is pumping. There are water and power hookups at the facility, while the bathroom facilities as well as the harbourmaster’s offices are located on the northern side of the inner harbour in the ‘Alte Mühle’ clubhouse. www.sv-glueckstadt.de


    Glückstadt Inner Harbour
    Also operated by the Glückstadt Sailing Club, the inner harbour runs summer operations and can be reached from the outer harbour by passing through a lock gate after calling ahead one day in advance. This is opened 2.5 to 2 hours before high tide for about 2 hours, depending on water levels. Expected hours of operation for the lock gate are posted in the announcement box on the lock gate building. Heavy winds may limit the hours of operation. The inner harbour is close to the city centre and offers calm boat slips. The SVG boxes on the north side below the old mill and the boat slips in the back part of the harbour's south side can be utilised. Glückstadt Yacht Shipyard operates the south-western side of the harbour. There is sufficient depth throughout the harbour, but it is only possible to approach every 12 hours. Power and water hookups are available in the boxes on the north side as well as on the south side. There is a derrick (rated for loads up to 500 kg) directly east of the lock on the north side of the inner harbour. At the head of the harbour, Bistro & Café Nettchen offers its guests fresh, local products – with Glückstädt pickled herring taking pride of place – and a beautiful view of the harbour.


    Excursion destinations
    The historic district of Glückstadt is definitely worth touring. Christian IV of Denmark had the city designed in the Renaissance style from the get-go. At the centre of the star-shaped layout is the marketplace paved in cobblestones.

    The Brockdorff-Palais (Brockdorff Palace) built in 1631/1632 now houses a museum. Am Hafen

    Street is now home to numerous historic buildings such as the old salt storage building, the royal bridgehouse, and the Wiebeke Kruse Tower that Christian IV built for his beloved. The Provianthaus from 1705 (Am Proviantgraben 1) now serves as an art and cultural centre. www.provianthaus-glueckstadt.de

    Glückstadt harbour is a boarding harbour for the ‘Tidenkieker’ boat tour. In this flat-bottomed boat, guests can explore the fascinating tidal landscape of the Lower Elbe. www.tidenkieker.de

    Riding the ‘RIGMORE von Glückstadt’, the oldest seaworthy sailing boat in Germany, has long ceased to be a secret tip. Anyone wanting to charter this floating historical monument can find the schedule for traditional public rides at www.rigmor.de

    Every year, Glückstädt Herring Week is the unchallenged highlight of the maritime events calendar. www.glueckstadt-tourismus.de


    Krückau Estuary Docking Harbour
    The docking harbour of the W.Y.K. Elmshorn is located in the Krückau Estuary. It has floating docks with stern posts, so the ships won’t wash up on dry land. Guests are welcomed with open arms. The area is perfect for extended bike tours, and the club loans out bicycles free of charge. There is a playground and grill station. Bathroom facilities, showers, and a hygiene room are available in the clubhouse. The premises have one slip with a hoist and two derricks. The lock gates to the harbour are opened approximately two hours before high tide, depending on the tidal conditions. The maximum clearance width for moving through is 5 m. In the summer, a harbour service team monitors the opening of the gates over the weekend. A waiting dock connected by land to the lock is located on the starboard side. www.1ter-yachthafen-krueckau-muendung.de


    Excursion destinations
    If you follow the Krückau out, you will come upon the only manually operated ferry in Schleswig-Holstein, the Wriggfähre. Kronsnest www.faehre-kronsnest.de The little ‘Spökenkieker’ museum next to the ferry's launch site houses changing exhibitions. Anyone with a bicycle at their disposal should be sure to visit Seestermühe. The little village tucked behind the dykes of the Elbe and Krückau offers a backdrop unlike anywhere else in the marshes. The many old thatched-roof cottages, the Seestermühe Manor, the village museum, and the beautiful gardens are all worth a visit. Village tours can be booked through the Elbmarschenhaus (Elbe Marsh House).

    Further down the Elbe, Kollmar beckons. The Kollmar Harbour awaits with a picturesque ensemble of steamer bridges and a wealth of thatched-roof houses. You will notice that the wooden sea buoys (1699) look like oversized sugarloaves when you visit them. The ‘Dörpstuuv’ in Kollmar is home to the permanent exhibition ‘Storm Surges and Coastal Protection’.


    Elmshorn Marina
    The Elmshorn Yacht Club (SVE) is located directly next to the city centre. The marina is tide-dependent. Boat slips are suitable for boats with a draught of up to 1.40 m, a width of up to 3.50 m, and a length of up to 11 m. Guests are welcome. There are hookups for power, water, and lighting at the boat slips, and there are also waste disposal facilities. A derrick and a slip big enough to accommodate up to 10 t are also available. In the clubhouse, kitchen as well as bathroom facilities are available. There is a supermarket with a bakery right next to the marina. You can also catch a bus to Uetersen, Wedel, and Seestermühe. The Elmshorner city centre is a 15-minute walk away, and the train station is just 20 minutes away (tram connection to Hamburg). www.segler-verein-elmshorn.de


    Excursion destinations
    Elmshorn is the home harbour of the ‘GLORIA’, an example of a historic German flat-keeled ship propelled by sails and referred to as an ‘ewer’. The former freight ewer, rigged up as a single-mast ewer with a gaff sail configuration, takes groups of up to 21 passengers on traditional ship rides. Reserve a spot on a public ride at www.ewer-gloria.de. At the tourist information centre in the gatehouse, you can pick up a flyer that leads visitors on an informative journey through the city centre to see all the historic sites. The Elmshorn Water Tower has been open to the public for a few years now and is worth a visit. Tours are offered. There is a sculpture garden extending from the Wedenkampbrücke to Berliner Straße. Works by well-known artists are featured. The Industriemuseum (Industrial Museum) in Elmshorn shows the way everyday life and work were transformed during the Industrial Revolution. You can book city tours for groups here as well. www.industriemuseum-elmshorn.de
    Maritime event highlight: Harbour Festival and ‘Florawochen’ Celebration Additional information and events can be found at www.vbv-elmshorn.de.


    Pinnau Estuary Docking Harbour
    Entry approximately two hours before high tide, gate 4 m wide. The water depth of the harbour run by the Pinnau Sailing Club is between 2.5 m at the entrance to 2 m at the back floating dock facility. Boats can dock at two floating docks with two offshoots on the side. The facility offers space for 70 ships, and 10 guest slips are available. The floating docks have electricity (230 V, 16 A). There are three places to stow drinking water. The harbour has a concrete slip track (maximum 10 t). An electric winch, two tractors, and a mast crane are available. The clubhouse has kitchen and bathroom facilities. There is a grilling area on the terrace. The SVP waiting dock is located 300 m upstream on the northern bank of the Pinnau. Up to four ships can wait there for the next high tide. Dropping anchor and spending the night is not allowed here. It is possible to reach the marina from here by walking over the old summer dyke. Bicycles are stored in the slip track engine house, and guests are welcome to borrow them free of charge. The nearest baker is located on the other side of the Pinnau lock towards Haseldorf.


    Excursion destinations
    Make good use of the bicycles. Tours through the Seestermüher and Haseldorf Marshes offer a fantastic opportunity to relax and bike on a flat course while experiencing the cosy marsh villages and untouched nature. The swing bridge over the Pinnau near the Neuendeich Dyke dates from the year 1887 has been declared a cultural monument. The Deekenhörn Recreational Area is located upstream on the Elbe near Hohenhorst, at an idyllic spot between two ponds. www.haseldorfer-marsch.de, www.holstein-tourismus.de


    Klosterdeich Dyke Marina
    Klosterdeich Dyke Marina, run by the Uetersen Marine Sports Club, is located behind the Pinnau Dyke on Deichstraße. Guests are welcome. The marina has water slips, free-floating slips, two boat storage facilities, and a multipurpose clubhouse. Power and water hookups at the harbour. Next to the slip track with winch, a derrick is available. Modern bathroom facilities with showers are also available. Bikes to borrow, distance to Uetersen is 1.5 km. www.wsv-uetersen.de


    Uetersen Stichhafen
    Also run by the Uetersen Water Sports Club, the Stichhafen is located at the heart of Uetersen (maximum 1.6 m draught). Guests are welcome. In addition to the boat storage facilities and outdoor boat storage spots, there is also a slip track with winch. Modern bathroom facilities as well as power and water hookups are available here as well. All supply shops are within walking distance. www.wsv-uetersen.de


    Excursion destinations
    Rosenstadt Uetersen is 1.5 km from the Klosterdeich Harbour and accessible by bus, foot, or bike. The ‘Rosarium’, a rose garden of approximately 70,000 m2, is always open. Not far from the garden, the neoclassical manor of the Langes Tannen Museum houses a collection of objects from the everyday life of the common people of the 19th and 20th century on permanent display. The Stadt- und Heimatgeschichtliche Museum (City and Regional History Museum) in the factory building of the former Uetersen Gasworks offers insight into life in the 18th to 20th centuries. Topics featured in the exhibition include trade, handicrafts, whaling, seafaring, and shipyards. Additional information can be found at www.uetersen.de. In Uetersen/Oberglinde: Fully equipped natural outdoor pool. www.naturbad-oberglinde.de

    Haseldorf und Hetlingen

    Haseldorf Harbour
    Natural sluice harbour that does sometimes dry up, with floating docks on the south eastern side. The harbour run by the Haseldorf Yacht Club is tide-dependent and can be successfully negotiated approximately two hours after low tide up to about two hours following high tide; easterly winds may lower the water levels considerably at times. Guests are welcomed with open arms and can use the slips marked in green upon agreement with the harbourmaster. Bicycles are available to borrow. Water and power hookups are available. Bathroom facilities are in the clubhouse, and a grilling area is open for use. Stores and overnight accommodations available about 1 km away in Haseldorf. www.wsc-haseldorf.de


    Hetlinger Schanze Yacht Marina
    Floating dock facility of the Hetlingen Yacht Club surrounded by sandy beaches (no swimming allowed). This little marina has a narrow entrance. Since large ships tend to leave behind a powerful wake, small breakers can tend to run through the marina at low tide. The nearest dining establishment is in Hetlingen (3 km), with shops and stores located 6 km away in Holm. Guest boat parking upon request. A container with bathroom facilities, old railway car that serves as a clubhouse, a grilling area, and a children’s playground are available at the marina. Slip track can be used upon request. By land it is only possible to reach the marina on foot or with a bicycle. Those travelling in a car can get as close as 800 m to the club premises. www.wsv-hetlingen.de


    Excursion destinations
    Haseldorf Palace Park, with its ponds and ancient trees is freely accessible. Across from the Palace Park is the Elbmarschenhaus (Elbe Marsh House). Its exhibitions and the large interactive outdoor park offer playful insights into the natural and cultural landscapes of the marshes. Here guests can get tips for excursions in the area. www.elbmarschenhaus.de
    Elbe Marsh House’s fruit garden borders directly on the Haseldorf Marina. Approximately 180 different old fruit species are cultivated here. The fruit garden is freely accessible, and the Elbe Marsh House offers guided tours. In the historic cooper village from 1764, craftsmen present the old craft of the cooper, who made barrel hoops out of wood harvested from the meadows. Appointments can be set up at the Elbe Marsh House upon request. The Snake’s Head Flower Festival in April is a highlight of the Hetlinger community events. Every year, the snake's heads bloom and attract up to 5,000 nature lovers to Hetlingen. On top of all the glorious blossoms, there is also additional information on the beautiful blossoms, entertainment, food, and drink. Additional tips and scheduling: www.haseldorfer-


    Schulau Yacht Marina
    The Schulau Marina first came into operation in 2016. Following extensive renovations, skippers are now greeted with a marina meeting international standards, as well as an attractive ‘Maritime Mile’ surrounding the marina grounds. Additional information: www.wedel.de/tourismus-freizeit/elbe-maritimes/schulauer-hafen.html.


    Excursion destinations
    The Elbhöhen hiking trail starts east of the Schulau Fährhaus (the Schulau ferryhouse). The Lühe Schulau Ferry starts from the jetty. www.luehe-schulau-faehre.de
    It is an easy way to reach the Altes Land on the other side of the Elbe. From April to October, the Halunder Jet transports guests to Germany’s only open sea island, Helgoland. Spending time in the Schulau Fährhaus at the Ship Greeting Station ‘Willkomm Höft’ (Welcome Point) is always an exciting way to pass the time. www.schulauer-faehrhaus.de
    There are good public transport connections to the City of Wedel and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg within walking distance.


    Hamburg Marina/Wedel
    With a floating dock featuring around 2000 boat slips, the Hamburg Marian in Wedel is one of the largest tide-independent marinas in Northern Europe. The marina is designed to be barrier-free. Bordered by approximately 80,000 m² of floodplain forest, the marina also serves as a local recreational area for Wedel and the area surrounding Hamburg. Two lit entrances lead into the marina, which never dries up. Guest slips are marked in green. The top speed limit in the marina is 5.5 km/h. There are three derricks, one 15 t crane, one slip track, various dockyards, and a petrol station on-site. All slips have hookups for power and fresh water. There are disposal facilities in the marina for oil or contaminated bilge water, as well as modern bathroom facilities and a marina restaurant. A grilling area and playground are available for use. Sufficient parking spaces available for personal vehicles. Wedel is a 30-minute walk away. Public transport and an extensive network of shops can be found within 2 km. www.hamburger-yachthafen.de


    Excursion destinations
    Public transport will take you to the local attractions in the City of Wedel and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Information on numerous tourist destinations and events can be found at www.wedel.de, www.wedelmarketing.de
    A lido with playground – and a beach club in the summer – beckon in the immediate vicinity of the marina. Deichstraße is the starting point for an educational planet-themed walking path. Information boards along the trail highlight interesting information about the planets of the Solar System. Remnants of the old maritime handicraft of rope-making can still be found in Wedel: Today, the Reepschlägerhaus (Ropemaker’s House) is a cosy tea house and cultural centre. www.reepschlaegerhaus.de

    In addition to information about the city’s maritime and regional history, the Heimatmuseum-Wedel (Local History Museum) also harbours reminders of this handicraft steeped in tradition. www.museuminfonet.de/museum-wedel/


    Mühlenberg Marina
    The marina is run by the Mühlenberg Skiff Marina Society and is located in Hamburg-Blankenese below the Hirschpark.  It has 245 slips for yachts, skiffs, and open motorboats. Dry parking slots are also available on land for skiffs. Guest slips are available. If the marina dries up, keel boats generally remain upright in the soft mud. Stalls can be tied up outdoors in coordination with the harbourmaster. Slips are available for boats with a maximum total length of 9 m and maximum weight of 1500 kg. Motorboats must be open. There is one slip facility available. A derrick is available for use free of charge. Bathroom facilities (shower, toilet) are available. Tram or bus lines can take you directly into the Hamburg city centre. www.jgm-elbe.de


    Excursion destinations
    The Hirschpark is without a doubt one of the most engaging parks on the Elbchaussee. Fallow deer and grand centuries-old trees grace this green jewel on the Elbe. Located in the first part of the Hirschpark is a cottage designed by Christian Frederick Hansen. French-style gardens were established nearby. In the third part of the park, the grand Lindenallee (Linden Alley) makes an impression with its carefully maintained flowerbeds, rhododendrons, and azaleas.
    Almost 5,000 steps greet visitors in the well-known ‘Stair District’ of Blankenese. The labyrinthine alleys and small villas on the hillside bordering the Elbe create an enchanting atmosphere with a new view or perspective revealed at every turn. Anyone who scales the 88-metre-tall Süllberg will be rewarded with a gorgeous view of the Elbe and the ships moving in and out. Tram or bus lines can take you directly into the Hamburg city centre. Additional information and events. www.hamburg-tourism.de, 


    City Sporthafen Hamburg
    The City Sporthafen is a guest marina with 80 to 120 slips for vessels up to about 50 m in length. The yachts can have a draught of between 2.50 m and 4 m. There are generally free spots available for yachts up to 20 m in length. The marina is protected against swells (be aware of the currents) and has modern bathroom facilities with showers. There is a power hookup at every slip, a petrol station near the harbour, petrol supply, and WLAN. Access to the marina by land is closed at night, though guests can obtain a key from the harbourmaster. Guests at the City Sporthafen are welcome to dine on the lightship. www.city-sporthafen-hamburg.de


    Excursion destinations
    The Speicherstadt, St Pauli Piers, Fish Market, Old Elbe Tunnel, St Michael’s Church, Portuguese District, and the new part of the city – Hafen City, with its ‘Sandtorhafen’ museum harbour – are all in close proximity to the harbour. Stiftung Hamburg Maritim (Hamburg Maritime Foundation) posts opportunities for visitors to ride along on traditional ships at www.stiftung-hamburg-maritim.de. Of course, the Hanseatic City still has a lot more for you to experience and discover. Near the harbour, you will have access to public transport that will take you through the metropolis to a wide array of different landmarks, cultural offerings, and parks. Information, events, etc.: www.metropolregion-hamburg.de, www.hamburg-tourism.de.


    Hafen Holstenkaten Harbour
    This harbour run by the Reiherstieg Sailor’s Club is located on the northern side of the Southern Elbe – at kilometre 613.7 – in the Holstenkaten Marina.  The marina is in a quiet and protected location bordering directly on the Heuckenlock natural preserve. Due to its shallow depth, it is best to approach the marina up to one hour before or after low tide. Guests are welcome to dock their boats (sailors as well as those with a motor boat). The Sailor’s Club has WLAN. Bathroom facilities with showers are available in the clubhouse. You will also have a grill pavilion with a view of the harbour at your disposal. There are power and water hookups and shopping in the nearby shopping centre, approximately 10–15 minutes away by foot. There is also a dockyard, sailmaker, ship chandler, police station, post office, and motor workshop. The Sailor’s Club also has slips available on the Lower Elbe. www.svr-hamburg.de


    Excursion destinations
    The nearby Heuckenlock nature preserve is the only one of its kind in Europe. Nature lovers will find it to be a veritable treasure trove, with its great diversity of plant life (over 700 species) as well as its wealth of bird species for whom the tall reeds (up to 5 m) serve as perfect breeding grounds and a plentiful source of food. At low tide, you are likely to run across tidal channels in the Heuckenlock that refill quickly at high tide.
    Directly across from the Heuckenlock on the other side of the Southern Elbe is the Schweenssand nature preserve. Heuckenlock and Schweenssand, while large areas, constitute only what is left of the formerly much more extensive grassy freshwater marshland subject to the ebb and flow of the tides.


    Harburg Marina
    Call VHF Channel 13 or phone number 040-428471351 to have the Harburg lock opened (operates 24 hours a day). A total of 70 ships can dock in the tide-free dockyard with a water depth of 5.60 m of the Harburg Yacht Centre all year round. Guests who will be docking their boats are encouraged to register. There are water and power hookups. Modern bathroom facilities, washing machine, bicycles, a playground, a grill, and WLAN are all available. There is a petrol station in the vicinity of the marina. There are also shops on-site. Various providers offering boat-related services can be found at the harbour. Extensive shopping and leisure options, as well as public transport (bus, tramway and long-distance train), are all within walking distance. www.yachtzentrum-harburg.de


    Peter Knief Boatyard
    The boatyard in the Hamburg Inner Harbour offers guest slips in its marina in addition to the usual services. www.bootswerft-peterknief.de


    Excursion destinations
    An atmosphere of urban change dominates the Harburg Harbour. The harbour area is managed by young companies. Old silos, warehouses, and office complexes are being repurposed for intriguing new uses and, from an architectural perspective, are being reconfigured in exciting new ways. The restaurant industry established itself here long ago – innovative ideas continue to attract ever more guests to the ‘Channel Hamburg’. Just take a tour of discovery through the harbour area and see for yourself. Hamburg city centre is also just a short tram ride away with the tramway (Harburg-Rathaus Station). Event highlight: ‘Leinen Los’ (Anchors Away) Harbour Festival: www.harburger-hafenfest.de, www.kulturwerkstatt-harburg.de.


    Rüsch Marina
    The marina in the Rüsch Canal offers spaces for ships up to 15 m long and does not depend on the tides. Guests are welcome to dock their boats. There is a slip facility, and a crane can also be made available. Small ship repairs can be performed on-site by the adjoining Feltz-Werft. There are bathroom facilities with showers, washing machines, dryers, and internet access available. www.marinaruesch.de


    Heuer Boatyard
    The Heuer Boatyard harbour is located on the Rüsch Canal in the Finkenwerder. There are 150 summer slips available at the floating dock. The slips are equipped with power hook-ups, and there is a central area with fresh water supply and sewage disposal. There is a slip facility and crane. There is a bathroom area on the premises of the boatyard for customers and guests. www.bootswerftheuer.de


    Excursion destinations
    The Finkenwerde Cutter Harbour is home to the open-sea cutter LANDRATH KÜSTER. Today, the ‘Freunden des Hochseekutters Landrath Küster e.V.’ (‘Friends of the Landrath Küster’) maintain and operate the historic cutter. Its members organise public trips regularly. www.hf231.de
    If you’re getting hungry: Finkenwerder Scholle (also called Finkenwerder Speckscholle or Finkenwerder Kutterscholle) is a famous fish dish. In fishing and seafaring villages, you can enjoy it in historic restaurants. Am Neßdeich 6 is the birthplace of author Gorch Fock (the best-known pen name of Johann Wilhelm Kinau), and the ‘Gorch Fock House’ is open to the public.
    If you decide to take a dip in the outdoor pool at Gorch Fock Park, don’t be surprised if you see a few enormous container ships floating practically right at the edge of the pool. The ocean liners of the HVV operate regularly on the other side of the Elbe, travelling from Finkenwerder to Hamburg. Teufelsbrück (Devil’s Bridge), Blankenese, Museumshafen Ovelgönne Museum Harbour, the Fish Market, St Pauli Piers, and Hafencity are all destinations with easy reach.


    BWV Hansa Marina and Floating Dockyard
    The fixed facilities of the Hansa on der Este Butehude Water Sport Club have up to 35 places for boats. These spaces are especially suitable for sailing yachts, flat-bottomed sail boats, and flat motor boats. Free slips are marked in green and with a date. Ask the harbourmaster when in doubt. The guest area at the front of the Buxtehude Marina can accommodate 8–10 boats with a length of up to 10 m and a maximum draught of 1.3 m. Large sailing boats, launches, and passenger ships can dock at the pier (maximum length 25 m, width 5.5 m, draught 1.5 m). Ships with a draught exceeding 80 cm should be capable of weathering low tides. Bathrooms and hookups for water and power are available. www.bwvhansa.de


    Excursion destinations
    In the middle of the historic city centre, you’ll run across the Fleth, the oldest artificially constructed inner harbour dock in Northern Europe. It is here you will find the historic ewer MARGARETA at anchor. The old Buxtehude Hanseatic Harbour is a tide-dependent pier for passenger ships and launches, making it the starting point for a wealth of tours around the Este and Elbe rivers. A variety of tours are offered around the introspective historic district of the city. Information and event calendar: www.buxtehude.de A free City Guide with city map and landmarks awaits you at the city information centre.


    Neuenschleuse Marina
    The Neuenschleuse Marina is tide-dependent and has about 120 slips for boats of various sizes up to a maximum draught of about 1.80 m. Every slip has power and water hookups. Guest slips are marked in green. Due to the hard ground below, some slips are not suitable for keel ships with a deep draught when an easterly wind is blowing. It is recommended that guests ask the harbourmaster or members of the Altländer Yacht Club which slip would be best. Bicycles can be borrowed from the harbourmaster free of charge. The ‘Möwennest’ cafe and restaurant at the harbour has freely accessible, modern bathroom facilities. Farm shops and restaurants are a few minutes away on foot. The historic town centre of Jork is 3 km away. The Altländer Yacht Club operates the harbour. www.ayc-jork.de


    Excursion destinations
    The best way to explore the Alte Land is by bike. The Neuenschleuse Marina is the perfect starting point for adventures through the largest continuous fruit cultivation area in Northern Europe. From mid-April until the beginning of October, the Elbe Radwanderbus Bicycle Tour Bus stops at the Neuenschleuse Harbour station and picks up cyclists as well as hikers to take them along on its drive through the Alte Land. Route, schedule, and prices: www.elbe-radwanderbus.de.
    Jork should definitely be a stop on your tour. Traditionally dressed guides lead visitors through the idyllic town centre, dominated by the historic Gräfenhof City Building, the current city building. Hidden in the St Matthias Church is an Arp Schnitger organ. The Altes Land Museum in Jork recounts the region's history, in particular details about fruit agriculture, seafaring, and local handicrafts. Most of all, the Alte Land always has a very busy event calendar, especially during the busy season. Highlights: Cherry Week with a cherry market, blossom festival, and Viking festival. Visitors can get tips for discovery tours through the Alte Land at Tourismusverein Altes Land e.V. (www.tourismus-altesland.de) and at the House of the Maritime Landscape of the Lower Elbe in Grünendeich. www.maritime-elbe.de


    Grünendeich Marina
    The marina operated by the Lühe Water Sports Club (WSC) and the Altländer Yacht Centre (AYZ) offers slips at floating docks that, with a constant water depth of 1.4 m to 2.2 m, will never dry up. The long dock facility with guest slips marked in green is protected by the Elbe islands. Shower, toilets, and hookups for power and water are available. Services at the marina: Crane, slip facility, boat builder, engine workshop, sailmaker, and fuelling station. www.wsc-luehe.de, www.stade.city-map.de/de/altlaender-yachtzentrum/


    Excursion destinations:
    Talk to experts for information on the maritime offerings of Hamburg and the North Sea at the House of the Maritime Landscape of the Lower Elbe. Captain Bruns regularly leads guests through the exhibition on the in-house captain’s bridge, and anyone wanting to discover the endless expanses of the universe with Captain Ohlrogge in the planetarium should register ahead of time over the phone. Changing exhibitions and an interactive, walkable model of the Lower Elbe invite guests to stay a while. www.maritime-elbe.de

    Twielenfleth Lighthouse houses an exhibition of ship models from 1893 to the present day that can be visited upon request (phone 04141-76814). A visit to an outdoor pool is the perfect activity for a tour to Hollern-Twielenfleth. The outdoor pool is located directly on the Elbe with a view of the ‘großen Pötte’. A ferry departing from the Lühe floating dock connects the two banks of the Elbe. Wedel and the Ship Greeting Station are noteworthy destinations on the other side of the Elbe that can be easily reached with the ferry. www.luehe-schulau-faehre.de


    Steinkirchen Floating Dock Facility
    Anyone wanting to dock in Steinkirchen is going to have to pass the Lühe lock gate on the Elbe.

    The lock gate’s drawbridge is always closed and can be opened for passing ships. From 15 April to 30 September, the attendant is on duty from three hours before high tide until three hours after high tide, but only between 9 am and 8 pm. At any other time, it can be opened upon request after a phone call is made (phone 0170-4920272). Further along the Lühe are the old lock gate (now a road bridge) and the ‘Hogendiekbrücke’ Bridge in the middle of Steinkirchen. The clearance depends on the tides, being 2.50 m at high tide and 4 m at half-tide. At kilometre 4 along the river is a new, 98-metre-long lock gate system operated by the Steinkirchen Harbour Association (HGS). Guest slips are marked with a green sign. Guests docking at the harbour can obtain a key to the pedestrian bridge. Power and water hookups are available. No bathroom facilities. Shopping and restaurants are located within walking distance in Steinkirchen. Contact HGS: hafengemeinschaft-steinkirchen@web.de


    Excursion destinations:
    Take the opportunity to stroll through the old village centre of Steinkirchen and around the market – if the opportunity arises, have a tour guide explain the peculiarities of the splendid houses. The Baroque aisleless church St Martini et Nicolai is home to a very special treasure: An Arp Schnitger organ. A stroll to the Hogendiekbrücke Bridge (a Dutch-style drawbridge) is an absolute must for visitors to Steinkirchen. You can find the schedule for tours given by tour guides in traditional Alt Land dress at the tourist information centre. www.tourismus-altesland.de


    Stade Municipal Harbour
    The Stade Municipal Harbour located right at the gates of the historic city centre is fully equipped with a harbourmaster’s office, bathroom facilities, and derrick. The municipal harbour has 160 m of floating docks where boats can dock lengthwise. Guests are welcome. Please register with the harbourmaster (04141-404510) and pay the docking fee. Groups form on the weekends. At low tide, there is hardly any water for manoeuvring at low tide. You can reach the municipal harbour by following the Schwinge stream course, which joins the Elbe at Stadersand. A road drawbridge will have to open before you can enter the harbour. It can be opened between 6 am and 10 pm as traffic allows. There are waiting docks available. There is a tourist information centre and entertainment centre with bistros, a restaurant, a hotel, a cinema, and a bowling alley right at the harbour. There are sailmakers and equipment shops near the harbour. The nearby city centre offers additional shopping. The harbour is run by the Stade Public Services. www.stadtwerke-stade.de


    SC Diamant Marina, Stade
    The Diamant Marina (SCD) is located 200 m in front of the industrial railway drawbridge in front of a sluice gate on the starboard side. It maintains 54 slips. Guests are welcome. The harbour is tide-dependent and will dry up approximately two to two and a half hours before and after low tide. There are bathroom facilities, hook-ups for power and water available at the floating dock. Slip track and derrick are available. The harbour has two bicycles that it lends for free. There are restaurants about 1.5 km away, shopping about 2.5 km away, and the city centre is 3 km away. www.sc-diamant.de


    Stader Sand Docking Area
    The docking area of the Stade Sailing Club at the Schwinge lock gate in Stadersand is tide-dependent and will partially dry up during extreme low tides. The boats are left in boxes on the main dock or lengthwise along the docks upstream. Docking options for guests should be discussed with the harbourmaster (04141-7305). When there is heavy flow at the lock gate, this can cause strong currents moving downstream. The association has about 100 slips, and guests are welcome. There is a boat lifting system, a mast crane, and a skiff slip (limited). The clubhouse is located above the dock, and guests can register to use it. Additional information on travelling to the Hanseatic cities about 5 km away and the shopping located there can be found at the clubhouse. Power and water hookups are located at the docks, as is a playground. There are bicycles that guests and their children can borrow free of charge. www.seglerverein-stade.de

    Harbour of the Stade Motor Boat and Yacht Club
    The harbour of the MYC Stade is located on the right bank of the Schwinge toward the railway bridge. It is not possible to approach the harbour during low tide. Easterly winds can sometimes reduce the water level considerably. Smaller boats can easily moor in the lower harbour. It is recommended that ships over 10 m dock in the upper harbour. There are sufficient slips for guests in both harbours. There are power and water hookups on the docks. Modern bathroom facilities with showers are available. The grilling station in front of the clubhouse can be used, and there is also a football field and playground for children. The harbourmaster or a representative is generally on-site in the afternoons. www.myc-stade.com


    Excursion destinations
    The Hanseatic City of Stade, its picturesque historic city centre, and the oldest harbour on the Lower Elbe – the Hanseatic Harbour of Stade – are all worth a visit. With its exhibits on the city’s history, including prehistory, early history, and the Hanseatic Period, as well as its harbour-related artefacts and changing exhibitions, the museum in the Schwedenspeicher (Swedish Warehouse) is located right on the old Hanseatic Harbour of Stade. www.museen-stade.de

    The municipal harbour is home to the historic coastal motor ship GREUNDIEK, which offers guests rides as a cultural ship and an ambassador for the maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe. www.greundiek.de

    Even the harbour crane in the municipal harbour is open to the public. Guests can scale the maritime monument upon request. www.stader-hafenkran.de

    City tours, canal boat tours, city festivals, boat tours, and rides on historic ships or the Tidenkieker (www.tidenkieker.de) are just a few of the many attractions that draw visitors to the city. General and event information at www.stade-tourismus.de


    Abbenfleth Marina
    Operated by the Abbenfleth Water Sports Club, this marina is tide-dependent. It can be approached approximately three hours before and after high tide with draughts up to 1.65 m. The ground is soft, so even keel boats shouldn’t have a problem. Guests are welcome (floating docks). A lock gate (generally folded up) protects the marina from high and low tides. Power and water hookups at the docks. Bathroom facilities are available in the clubhouse. Up by the lock gate, there is a playground with grill station. Bicycles can be borrowed. There are stores within walking distance (approximately 15 minutes away) in Bützfleth. Bus connection to Stade. www.awsv.org


    Excursion destinations
    Grauerort Fortress, a fully preserved walled fortress, acts as a staging ground for open-air cultural events and can also be visited. Tours of the facility are offered at set times. A local railway also circles the area surrounding the fortress grounds when it is open. www.grauerort.com

    The modern Bützfleth outdoor pool is about 2 km away from the harbour and beckons with numerous attractions for swimming, play, and relaxation. www.buetzflether-freibad.de


    Ruthenstrom Marina
    The marina of the Drochtersen Elbe Water Sport Club, located in front of and behind the Ruthen lock gate, is tide-dependent and some slips (floating dock) do dry up. It is possible to approach the marina one to two hours before and after low tide, depending on the draught. Guests are welcome to dock their boats. Even sailing boats with a draught of up to 2 m can safely dock at the marked slips. There is no shopping on-site, but guests can utilise the interior of the clubhouse upon request. www.wsde.de


    Excursion destinations
    In the Southern Elbe near Drochtersen, enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the multiple rural motorboat and yacht harbours (e.g. Gauensiek, Assel, Barnkrug, and Ritsch). In Ruthenstrom Harbour, the tidal harbour for the professional seafarers belonging to the association, the trade vessel JAN DIRK is anchored and can be visited. www.ms-jan-dirk.de

    The coastal trading vessel KAPT’N KLÜNDER awaits interested visitors in the Dornbusch Harbour. There is a historic inlet sluice in Gauensiek Harbour, 2 km above the dyke on the Gauensieker Canal.

    Drochtersen Harbour is a stop on the route of the Tidenkieker, the flat-bottomed ship that brings guests closer to the tidal landscape of the Lower Elbe. www.tidenkieker.de

    The Moorkieker is an original and convenient way to experience the high moors and the transformation of the landscape. The trip departs from the Moorkieker Station on the grounds of the Euflor-Humuswerke in Drochtersen-Aschhorn. www.moorkiekerbahn.de

    Drochtersen is connected to the Elberadwanderbus bus network. It is an outstanding way to further explore the surrounding area www.elbe-radwanderbus.de. The Rusch brickworks in Drochtersen-Ritsch, for example, are just a 25-minute ride away on the bus. Here bricks are still fired in the historic, hand-fired circular kiln. Tours through the brickworks can be booked through www.gutbrand.de. The old Elbe island ‘Krautsand’ beckons with its broad sandy beaches, untouched natural landscape, and wide-ranging options for walking and biking.


    WYC Floating Dockyard Lower Elbe
    The floating dockyard, which is operated by the Wischhafen Yacht Club of the Lower Elbe, is located about half a nautical mile behind the lock gate. The lock gate is generally left open, but it closes on Tuesdays and Thursdays about one hour after the first high tide until low tide. The drawbridge is open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 1 May to 30 September and also upon request. Slips dry up at low tide, but the soft ground is suitable for burying deep keels. Guests are welcome to dock in Wischhafen. Power hookups are available on the floating dock, and there is also a water connection, slip facility, and derrick on the town side of the floating dock facility. Bathroom facilities are freely accessible in the clubhouse. Bicycles are available to borrow for free. Shopping and boat accessories are within walking distance. www.wycn.de


    Excursion destinations
    The ‘Maritime Stroll’ tour will give you a good overview of local maritime cultural history. Information boards posted along the route offer information, and you can also obtain a flyer with the route on it from the tourist information centre. www.tourismus-kehdingen.de

    The former transfer and winter harbour for coastal trading vessels in Wishhafen is now a historic harbour. Historic ships are now anchored here.

    The Kehdinger Küstenschiffahrtsmuseum (Coastal Seafaring Museum) is located in a former granary behind the dyke. www.kuestenschiffahrtsmuseum.de

    Upstream of the Wischhafen on the Southern Elbe is the Neuland/Wischhafen brickworks lock. Wischhafen Harbour is a stop on the route of the Tidenkieker, the flat-bottomed ship that brings guests closer to the tidal landscape of the Lower Elbe. www.tidenkieker.de

    The Elberadwanderbus bus makes two stops in Wischhafen. With or without a bicycle – the bus is a great way to explore the surrounding area. A ride from Wischhafen to Balje to the Natureum of the Lower Elbe (www.natureum-niederelbe.de)

    will take about a half an hour and offers visitors an impression of the Kehdingen landscape. Schedule and prices: www.elbe-radwanderbus.de

    Hopping across the Elbe is easy with the Wischhafen-Glückstadt ferry, and on the other bank of the Elbe, the lovely old fortification and garrison city of Glückstadt are just waiting to be discovered. www.glueckstadt-tourismus.de


    SV Freiburg Boat Slips
    The idyllically located harbour run by the Freiburg/Elbe Sailing Club quite nearly dries up at low tide. Exception: The floating dock for guest docking. Boats with a deep draught will find corresponding slips at the quay wall at the end of the inner harbour. There are additional slips at the floating dock area in the old harbour. Please follow the instructions of the harbourmaster. With a draught of about 1 m, boats can enter and exit starting about three and half hours before and up to one and a half hours after high tide in Glückstadt. Boats with a deeper draught can enter/exit at high tide when the tideway is 2.8 m deep throughout. Water and power hookups are available at the dock. Modern bathroom facilities are available at the commercial harbour (you can get a key from the harbourmaster or at the petrol station), and there is a covered grilling terrace. All floating dock facilities are located right next to the historic village centre with extensive shopping. There are two small dockyards with a derrick and boat crane. Glass containers can be obtained from the heating specialists. Fuel can be purchased 150 m from the harbour. Pushcarts are available for transportation. www.sv-freiburg.de


    Excursion destinations
    A guided tour is the best way to unlock the secrets of the picturesque village centre with its historic granary (cultural and maritime events www.kornspeicher-freiburg.de) and narrow alleyways. Experience untouched nature on the entertaining and exciting tours of the Vogelkieker bus, a rolling ornithological station. www.voegelkieker.de Anyone seeking refreshment will find it at the Krummendeich Natural Pool. The unchlorinated pool is just a bicycle ride away. Additional tips and events can be found at www.nordkehdingen.de. The Elberadwanderbus also visits Freiburg. It is a convenient way to reach distant destinations with or without a bicycle. www.elbe-radwanderbus.de With the bus, for example, you can depart from Freiburg and reach the Natureum of the Lower Elbe, the Küstenerlebnispark (scenic coastal park), and the Balje Nature Museum. www.natureum-niederelbe.de


    Neuhaus Marina
    The peaceful marina run by the Nehaus/Oste Sailing Club has 30 guest slips and can be approached regardless of the tide. Boats remain well protected behind the eastern lock gate. Always dock against the current! The approach starts at the green Elbe navigation water buoy 49. The Oste is marked by buoys up to the lock gate. If it happens to be closed, the lock gate can be opened when ship traffic demands it (information and contact: www.wsa-cuxhaven.de/wasserstrassen/Oste/Oste-Sperrwerk/Brueckenschliesszeiten/index.html). The marina is located about 1 km behind the lock gate. Power and water hook-ups are available at the docks, showers and toilets in the harbour clubhouse, and a grilling station on the harbour premises. Located within walking distance, Flecken Neuhaus has all of the usual shopping options. www.svno-neuhaus.de


    Excursion destinations
    At the heart of the historic village centre is the Old Harbour of Neuhaus, equipped with a dockyard, a grain distillery (tours and tasting tours can be booked by phone at 04752-841031), and a brewery. The historic Deichstraße, the granary, and the changing exhibition of the Karl Otto Matthaei Society at the lock house are within walking distance of the marina. On the Baltic Sea, you may want to hop on a pair of skis. The water skiing facility at the sea is a huge leisure attraction in the region. The Natureum of the Lower Elbe is also easy to reach. This museum of natural history with a grand outdoor space makes the habitat of the Elbe Estuary the main focal point. www.natureum-niederelbe.de

    Take a bicycle tour you will never forget, riding past the zoo, the recreation park with a zip line, and the summer toboggan run in Wingst. www.wingst.de Every year, the cardboard boat race is a highlight of the maritime event calendar. www-pappbootrennen.de


    Oberndorf Docks 
    There are several yacht dockyards in Oberndorf: In front of the drawbridge are the 210 m of floating docks operated by the Oberndorf-Oste Sailing Club and offering 14 guest slips. www.sgo-oberndorfoste.de

    Behind the bridge and located on both banks is the dockyard run by Oste-Touristik, which offers a total of 13 guest slips. www.oberndorf-oste.de

    The following applies to all docks: Guest slips are marked in green, and there are power and water hookups as well as a letterbox for paying the docking fee. The drawbridge connects Oberndorf with the Bentwisch district. It can be opened on the hour upon request. The request can be made over the phone at 04772-861011 with a signal horn (2 long tones) or VHF Channel 69. Operating hours: From 1 April to 30 September from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, or upon request. Pass-through width 22 m, pass-through height of the ship opening 3.8 m at medium high tide, 6.2 m at medium low tide. Guests will only find bathroom facilities on the Bentwische side, while there are grill stations on both sides. The ‘Ostekieker’ restaurant ship can be found on the Oste, and additional restaurants are located in the village.


    Excursion destinations
    Oberndorf is a beautiful place to depart for leisurely strolls and bicycle tours on the Oste Dyke. In town, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the historic Reeperbahn. ‘Heimatfreunde Oberndorf e.V.’ explains the equipment and how to turn the sail. Opening upon request for groups by phone at 04772-539. Located on the Oberndorft passenger ship slip is the MS Mocambo, Germany’s oldest passenger ship line, which runs entertaining cruises on the Oste. www.oste-schifffahrt.de

    Other destinations near Wingst include the ‘Deutscher Olymp’ lookout tower, a zoo, a recreational park, and more. www.oberndorf-oste.dewww.wingst.de


    Geversdorf Boat Dock
    The dock run by the Seglervereinigung Oste Hemmoor e.V. Is located behind a drawbridge (pass-through width of 22 m, pass-through height for closed bridge 3.8 m at medium high tide) that is opened on the hour or at half past, upon request (VHF Channel 6 or phone 04752-7121). With its 28 slips, the facility is located parallel to the Ostestrom and can be approached without a problem. It is possible to dock on either side of the 180 m long floating dock, regardless of the tide. Guest slips are marked with green signs. The docking fee can be paid by making a deposit in the payment box at the dock or submitting payment to the harbourmaster. Water and power at the dock. Shower and toilets (key available from the harbourmaster, phone 04752-630) as well as a grill station and waste disposal are available. The Oste kiosk in town offers essentials. www.svoh.jimdo.com


    Excursion destinations
    Geversdorf is one of the oldest marsh communities in the region. Here, the Oste flows through the middle of town and is 108 m wide. A lift bridge connects the community sections of Geversdorf and Itzwörden, thus leading from Cuxland to the Kehdingen region. The Oste Dyke is a perfect place to take a stroll, and the German ferry route is great for bicycle tours. www.niederelbe.de/FAEHRSTRASSE/

    In town, the city building constructed in 1883 and its regional museum, the only one of its kind in the region, are worth a visit, www.heimatmuseum-geversdorf.de

    Be sure to take a trip toward Wingst, where you’ll find the  ‘Deutscher Olymp’ (23 m high) lookout tower, the oldest destination in Wingst. It offers a fantastic view over the Elbe to Brunsbüttel and even the North Sea. Nearby, you will find the zoo and recreational park. www.wingst.de

    Hemmoor und Osten

    Hemmoor Boat Dock / Schwarzenhütten
    At the former industrial harbour of Schwarzenhütten in Hemmor, the Oste Hemmoor Sailing Club (SVOH) runs a yacht marina. The dock is 80 m long and offers space for 8 boats. Guests are welcome. Please contact the harbourmaster for a docking space and to pay the docking fee (phone 04771-4631 or 0170-2431546). The harbour is equipped similarly to the facility in Geversdorf, which is also run by the SVOH. Toilets, showers, and hookups for water and power are available. Two bicycles are available to borrow free of charge. There is shopping about 1 km away in Hemmoor. www.svoh.jimdo.com


    Boat Dock and Floating Dock Facility WSC Osten
    The floating dock facility with two piers provides guest slips marked in green. For safety reasons, boats over 13 m long with a tare weight of 7,000 kg cannot dock for safety reasons. Docking fees are collected in a letterbox on the pier. Showers and toilets can be found in the clubhouse next to the bridge. Power and water hookups are available right on the dock. Shopping and restaurants can be found in town. www.wsc-osten.de Nearby behind the piers is a street bridge (pass-through width between the columns of the bridge is 50 m, pass-through height at medium high tide is 4.86 m and at medium low tide 7.13 m). This may stop boats with a standing mast from continuing on the Oste.


    Excursion destinations
    Right before Osten, Deichhotel Seefahrer is an excellent place for a culinary stop and even has its own docking area. www.deichhotel-seefahrer.de In Osten, the wealth of historic buildings and the Café Central serve as reminders of the heyday of the old centre of trade, which makes a city tour quite enticing. www. historisches-osten.de Visitors should be sure to visit the 38 m transporter bridge built in 1909 connecting Osten with Hemmoor.www.schwebefaehre-osten.de Visitors can take the transporter bridge to Hemmoor. Right on the ferry street is an informational mile with info on the world’s transporter bridges, only eight of which have been preserved to this day. Experience the history of what was once the largest industrial company in the northern Elbe-Weser Triangle at the Cement Museum in Hemmoor. Vivid exhibits set up on a barge demonstrate how ‘Grey Gold’ was made, from production to shipping. www.zementmuseum-hemmoor.de Anyone wanting to ‘take a plunge’ should visit the dive base of the Hemmoor Kreidesee. www.kreideseetaucher.de Behind Osten/Hemmoor are the Großenwörden Docks, the perfect stop for a picnic on land. Additional information: www.tourismus- oste.de


    Hechthause Boat Dockyard
    Not far from Hechthausen near the Holländer-Galeriewindmühle (Dutch Gallery Windmill), the Hechthause Boat Docks interest community (IBH) operates a 116 m docking facility also open to guest boats. There are no docking fees to pay, but the IBH would be thrilled to receive a donation (deposit donations in the showcase on the pier). Water and power hookups are available directly at the dock, while toilets and a kiosk are located at the windmill. Shopping and restaurants can be found in Hechthausen. Contact IBH: hfriedr(at) t-online.de, phone: 04774-587 If you will be continuing your journey along the Oste toward Bremervörde, please observe the following: 200 m after the dock is a street bridge: navigable width 42 m, pass-through height 4.90 m at medium high tide and 6.80 m medium low tide.


    Excursion destinations
    Right next to the dock is the beautiful Holländer-Galeriewindmühle (Dutch Gallery Windmill), which was built in the middle of the 19th century; only the outside is open to visitors. Hechthausen and the surrounding area is a great place to explore historic buildings and estates, but you will have to do so from the outside (most are privately owned). The large forested areas in the Klint district and Moorreviere are a pleasant place for an extended hike. www.hechthausen.de In Hechthausen-Klint, you will find the Geesthof holiday park with a water park and riding hall. From here you can hop on the ‘Püttenhüpper’, which will take you on a boat safari to explore the Oste river with its local fish and birds. www.geesthof.de Behind Hechthausen near Kranenburg and Brobergen is a dock that can be used to take a nice break on land.


    Elm/Oste Boat Club Boat Docks
    The boat dock operated by Bootsclub Elm/Oste e.V. in the Bremervörde-Elm district is 250 m long, and guests are welcome to dock after registering with the harbourmaster and paying a fee (contact by phone at 04761-4734 or 0162-1384334, or write to hafenmeister(at)bc-elm.com). There are water and power hookups on the dock, while toilets and waste containers can be found on the association’s premises. Guests can make use of the association’s slip facility in exchange for a small fee for towable boats. The nearby bakery Beushausen und Schomakers Landgasthaus is a good place to place to purchase supplies. www.bc-elm.com On the way to the Elm/Oste dock, the skipper at the Bremervörde-Ostendorf Boat Dock (KM 8.5) offers a good place to take a break along the way. The dock is operated by the Vörder Yacht Club Bremervörde. Guests are welcome, but there is no infrastructure. www.bremervoerde.de


    Bremervörde Marina
    The well-appointed tide-dependent Bremervörde Marina (Yellow Wave) is the last navigable harbour in the ‘Oste’ waterway. Guests are always welcome here. The harbour is about 68 km away from the Elbe bei Neuhaus and can be reached in about 6 hours of travel on the Oste with a rising tide. It is only possible to enter the harbour at high tide (up to 1.70 m draught). The harbour doesn’t dry up, but the water depth will get down to about 0.60 m at low tide in the entrance. The dockyards of the Oste Yacht Club and the Vörder Yacht Clubs offer plenty of guest slips all year round, and these are marked by green signs. The facility has power and water hookups, and a bathroom facility with shower and toilets is available directly on the harbour. There are facilities for waste disposal and sewage disposal. Connected to the harbour are a fuelling station and a freely accessible slip facility (open April–October). The nearby city centre offers a wide variety of opportunities to shop and relax. www.bremervoerde.de, www.oycbrv.de


    Excursion destinations
    Diverse bicycle and hiking trails are simply waiting to be explored. In the nature and recreation park of the nearby Vörder See, visitors can embark on a journey of discovery in the ‘World of the Senses’, the ‘House of the Forest’, the Café Dunkel, the NABU Environment Pyramid, the various themed gardens, the playgrounds and water parks for little ones, the Lower Saxon farm estate ‘Haus am See’, or in the sculpture garden. www.parkdersinne-brv.de Other highlights include the family swimming pool ‘Delphino’ (www.delphino-bremervoerde.de), the Bachmann Museum (www.bachmann-museum.de), the Stuhmer Museum, the Auepark with its ‘talking tree tour’, and rides on the historic (Moorexpress www.moorexpress.de). In Bremervörde-Elm, you can visit the Dutch Windmill ‘Henriette’ (phone: 04761-4130). Additional information and event tips at www.bremervoerde.de.


    Otterndorf Harbour
    With its 190 slips (about 30 of which are for guests), the Otterndorf Harbour offers protection even in bad weather and is often used as an entry to the Hadeln Canal (maximum bridge pass-through height 2.75 m), which goes to Bremerhaven and therefore through to Weser. The entrance to the harbour is at the mouth of the Medem river. Depending on the boat’s draught, it is important to keep an eye on the water level when navigating this area. The harbour doesn’t dry up completely and is accessible even to larger ships at high tide. At low tide, boats sink into the soft mud or may remain partially afloat in front of the sluice gate. When water is released from the canal, a strong current runs through the harbour perpendicular to the slips. In case this happens, it is advisable to dock lengthwise in the guest basin. Fresh water can be obtained right at the harbour; showers and toilets are available in the sailor’s meetinghouse behind the dyke. A derrick, slip facility, crane (up to 9 t), and waste disposal facilities are available. The harbour is run by the Otterndorf Sailing Club. The Otterndorf North Sea Swimming Park with its historic half-timbered city centre is about 3 km away and features extensive shopping and leisure time offerings. www.seglerverein-otterndorf.de


    Excursion destinations
    In the pleasant historic city centre of Nordseebad Ottendorf, with its museums, exhibitions, and cafes, time almost seems to stand still. Guided hikes through the mudflats can be booked at the tourist information centre. Relaxation beckons in the Sole Spa with its sauna facilities, and Halligalli offers an indoor ‘Game and Fun Barn’ playground for children. The dyke nature trail, swimming and water sports at the ‘Achtern Diek’ holiday park, ship rides on the Medem, and a stroll to the historic Otterndorf Lock Gate are other attractive options. Otterndorf’s event calender is always full, especially during the high season.www.otterndorf.de


    Altenbruch Harbour
    A small harbour with about 10 guest slips (floating docks) operated by the Altenbruch Sea Sports Club. It is not possible to approach the harbour one hour before and one hour after low tide, since it dries up. The ground consists partially of hard sand, which does not allow keel yachts to dig in. As a result of this, the harbour is mostly suitable for flat-bottomed boats. The harbour can be approached by following the path defined by the channel markers; the navigable water leading to the docks runs east of the channel marker line. Attention: The ships that pass close by the harbour cause a strong current, among other dangerous conditions. Water hookup in the harbour, power hookup at the docks. There is one slip facility available. The guest docking fee must be paid on the dock (letterbox). Village centre with shopping is about 2 km away. www.asv-altenbruch.de


    Excursion destinations
    A peaceful green embankment with beach wicker beach chairs, toys, and a beach promenade promise a relaxing time. The museum lighthouse ‘Dicke Berta’ (Fat Berta), a white steel tower at the harbour, is out of service and is now a museum that is run by volunteers and open to the public. ‘Dicke Berta’ still helps with navigation to this day: The little tower guides couples into the safe harbour of matrimony. Many choose to say ‘I do’ in the light room, which offers a breathtaking view of the Elbe Estuary). www.dickeberta.de In addition to its extensive archive, the submarine museum features two storeys of artefacts on display. The St Nikolai Church is among the oldest and largest churches in Cuxhaven. Its 500 year old Klapmeyer organ is one of the church’s greatest treasures. Tours and concerts: www.orgelstiftung.com
    Event tip: International kite festival. Additional information: www.cux-altenbruch.de


    SV Cuxhaven Marina
    The marina operated by the Cuxhaven Sailing Club is located behind the previous RoRo Pier and offers about 150 guest slips. Floating docks with slips for boats up to 15 m, boats 15–20 m docked lengthwise. Green signs mark the free slips – be sure to register with the harbourmaster. Can be approached at low tide. There is a strong current (4–5 kn) that runs perpendicular to the entrance, so it is advisable to approach the harbour with a motor. Clubhouse with ‘Die Seglermesse’ restaurant, well-equipped bathroom facilities, washing machine, dryer, baby changing room, drinking water, and power on the docks (chip card can be obtained from the harbourmaster or the dispensers in the entryway). Diesel fuelling station directly behind the harbour entry (self-serve credit/debit card). Slip facility for boats (total weight up to 5 t), two grilling stations, large children’s playground, and bicycles to borrow. WLAN for a fee. The crane can be used upon prior request. A harbour offers enticing tourist attractions, shopping, a bus connection near ‘Alte Liebe’, and a bus stop in front of the clubhouse for Cuxhaven tours. Ship connection to Helgoland within walking distance. www.svconline.de


    Amerikahafen Marina
    The Cuxhaven ferry harbour boat dock community has about 20 guest slips. Association slips can also be used as long as they are marked with a green sign. There is a strong current (up to 4 kn) that runs perpendicular to the entrance, so it is advisable to motor into the harbour. Power and water hook-ups are located right at the slip. Bathroom facilities, a clubroom, and bicycles to borrow for free are all on-site. Restaurants and shopping in the area. In the immediate vicinity of the association’s facilities is the famous Hapag Hallen, the last remaining overseas clearance terminal. www.lcf-cuxhaven.de


    City Marina Cuxhaven
    With its urban harbour atmosphere, the City Marina offers slips for boats up to 30 m long at the floating docks year-round. Permanent slips can also be rented. The harbourmaster's office and bathroom facilities are located at the end of the harbour basin. The Lotsenviertel borders the harbour basin. Deichstraße, with its many restaurants, bars, and clubs north of the marina, and the Cuxhaven city centre, south of the harbour, are five minutes away by foot. Yacht service, ship equipment, diesel fuelling, and crane and slip facilities are located in the immediate vicinity at Boots- und Schiffswerft Cuxhaven GmbH. Boats enter through the ‘Alten Hafen’ or Old Harbour. The drawbridge will open at 30 minute intervals between 5 am and 11 pm upon request (VHF Channel 69 ‘Cuxhaven Lock’ or phone 04721-500120). www.citymarina.de


    Excursion destinations
    Guests of the City of Cuxhaven will find that this resort town has an excellent infrastructure for tourists. The ‘Windstärke 10’ (Wind Force 10) Museum; HAPAG Hall, the Ringelnatz Museum; Semaphor; the spa gardens; Fort Kugelbake; Fireship ELBE 1; grassy and sandy waterfront with swimming, surfing, and kites; mudflat hikes (e.g. to Neuwerk); wave and outdoor pools are just some of the many great leisure activities within easy reach in the area. Event tips: ‘Sommerabend am Meer’ (Summer Evening at Sea) Duhn mudflat run Event calendar and additional information at: www.cuxhaven.de